Welcome to London’s Pioneering Wrestling Studio


London Wrestling Studio is a world where women rule, with their exceptional strength and skill. All challengers beware!

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In the heart of Hackney Wick, you can discover our wrestling studio home. Within the LWS walls is the ultimate team of beautiful, highly skilled, female wrestlers.

Super LWS ladies are always ready to wrestle. Bring yourself to hit our mats, and enjoy the original LWS wrestling experience.

LWS girls are charming, beautiful and fighting fit. They work hard to stay in shape, and make themselves true forces to be reckoned with. Find out more about our girls 

What awaits you at LWS

Please browse through our gallery, and follow our Twitter feed to start to get to know more about our fabulous girls, and get insights into the fun world of LWS fem-wrestling.

Buy video clips  from our growing online store, and watch the girls in action. Either wrestling each other, or those who dare to challenge our highly competitive ladies.

If you want to you can also commission your very own movie: Send your script to us, and we will make your own bespoke production. Or, (even better) you can visit the studio to be our on set director as the camera rolls!

Our regular competitive wrestling events are also filmed and available to buy online but why not come down and watch the live female vs female action in person.

Mixed wrestling evenings are designed to let you attempt to take on any of the competitors. Matches are 5 or 10 minutes each, (if you can last for this long). If you prefer a longer ordeal/session, without an audience watching as you lose; our girls are available for private wrestling sessions (min 1 hour bookings).

Whenever you happen to find yourself in or around London why not seize the moment to have some spontaneous session fun at LWS! Give us a call and we will do our best to help you meet your favourite LWS girl(s) in person.

Other challenges you can attempt are arm wrestling, sparring, and more …

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LWS welcomes new faces, we hope to see yours here one day (if we haven’t so far). But if you’re unsure; here are some words explaining what it is like to take on our wrestlers, or you can read the reviews at the bottom of each LWS girl’s profile page.

Thank you for finding us online. Don’t forget to say hello to us on FacebookTwitter , or our Yahoo Group. Follow us to find out about new photos, videos, news, offers and so much more!