Brunette fitness babe Morgana is a tenacious young lady who never gives up! MORGANA is a daily gym-goer, as you can see from her toned physique. Coming from a sporty background of cycling, yoga, aerobics and kick-boxing, this Scorpio has already proved herself to be a strong and nimble new wrestler.

MORGANA is also able to do lift and carry sessions with guys of up to 80kg.

Sessions with MORGANA are £150/hour.
Call to find out availability.

Favourite hold: Schoolgirl Pin
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Foot size: 5 

Showreel & Interview
Coming soon!

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8 thoughts on “WRESTLER MORGANA

  1. admin Post author

    Review by: gymdave

    I believe I was privileged to be the first guy to session with Morgana.My first observation was that ( in my opinion) she shows a striking resemblance to retired LWS wrestler Cleo, with similar physique. As seasoned LWS customers will know this is no bad thing.Morgana is a gorgeous, shapely well toned athlete. Unsurprisingly on the mats she proved to be very strong and was able to give me a tough time. As her wrestling skills develop she will become one of the most formidible LWS wrestlers. A lovely smile and friendly personality was the icing on the cake. Model looks combined with sexy curvy muscles make an awesome combination not to be missed!!!

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  2. admin Post author

    Review by: Ricardo

    Morgana is simply amazing….not only her power to weight ratio in terms of strength, but also her truly lovely personality. Her lift and carry technique is incredible, particularly since I am 35kg heavier – she managed all the lift and carries with ease ! Although Morgana has only been with LWS for a couple of months, she is a great new member of the already fantastic team of girls.

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  3. admin Post author

    Review by: Gymdave

    Morgana continually strives to improve her strength,wrestling skills and physique with impressive results. I know with each new session I’m faced with an even tougher, sexier opponent. Treat yourself to the best in wrestlers.

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  4. admin Post author

    Review by: Farid

    I had the chance to meet the dream team; Morgana and Xena. I didn’t imagine it should be so hard but so fun. So I’ve decided firstly to meet Morgana in a 1 vs 1, I get some advantages because of my superior weight, but Morgana get a submission at the end by a nice sgpin. It was time to fight the strong and beautiful Xena. She had no mercy to squeeze my body and my head . Fortunately, Morgana helped me to manage the situation. We have finished with more trampling . Very pleasant girls , highly recomended for a 2 vs 1 session .

    [Review moved from old LWS website by Admin]

  5. admin Post author

    Review by: Russ

    The first thing you will notice about Morgana is her lovely smile, shortly followed by an appreciative glance at her curvy, by strong body. A good all round wrestler who loves to pin her opponent & provoke them into fighting back with her sexy accent (you wouldn’t know she was Polish). I recommend having a roll-around with her on the mats.

    [Review moved from old LWS website by Admin]

  6. admin Post author

    Review by: s

    Morgana is quick and loves to get your back, and does do a few pins too. had a pretty even match, recomended. Aug ’13.

    [Review moved from old LWS website by Admin]

  7. admin Post author

    Review by: gymdave

    Morgana is a very beautiful, sexy athlete. Her curvacious physique hides incredible muscle tone not immediately apparent until you are holding her upper arm to get out of a choke or pushing her quad to get out of a scissors.!! She may look soft & very sexy but her athletic body is based on solid muscle. She is very strong, much stronger than she first appears. Coupled with ever improving wrestling skills, she has little trouble dominating on the mats. Lovely personality is the icing on the cake.

    [Review moved from old LWS website by Admin]

  8. Stig Tol

    I have lost to LWS girls before, but booked a match with Morgana in april 2014. She wrestled in bikinitop and shorts. She was smaller than me, but much stronger. She pinned me in a few seconds, and for the rest of the hour I had no chance against her.
    Sometimes when I surrendered, she said “Really? you must try harder”. And then she didn’t let me Loose.
    So she held me in various holds for a long time.
    But all in all still a great match.


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